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Florida's Soft Dig Specialists. Air Excavation Is The Answer!

Sub-Surface Utility Engineering Data

Sub Surface Utility Engineering via air vacuum excavation

After utilities are exposed thru Air Vacuum Excavation Methods we collect data such as top cover.

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) is invaluable tool for Civil Engineering Firms and Underground Contractors. SUE has the potential to improve design decisions, eliminate construction delays, protect the public safety and infrastructure and avoid increases in project costs.

US Utility Potholing & Air Excavation offers Quality Level A Utility Locating & Designation Services.

Level A offers the most complete and consistent data during the final design decisions.  We provide visual verification and precise  horizontal and vertical mapping of underground utilities and related structures.

US Utility Potholing & Air Excavation offers detailed data collection and precise reporting methods on our Sub-Surface Utility Engineering Reports.  We obtain these reports using state of the art equipment performing Soft Dig technology.  The cleanest and most non-destructive method of Soft Dig, Point Excavation or Potholing is using Vacuum and Air Excavation.

S.U.E. example of quality level A Sub surface utility engineering

With the use of our soft dig technology we were able to safely expose this gas line and Water Main.

Benefits of SUE
  • Cost Effective
  • Time Efficient
  • Decreases Unexpected Utility Conflicts
  • Reduces Redesign Delays
  • Minimizes Liability Exposure
  • In a January 2000 FHWA / Purdue University study stated that for every $1.00 spent on Sub Surface Utility Engineering there was a savings of $4.62.  This studied was quantified from a total of 71 projects with a combined construction value in excess of $1 billion.
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