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Florida's Soft Dig Specialists. Air Excavation Is The Answer!

Slot Trenching


Slot trenching is performed for the purpose of digging narrow trenches, most commonly for installing pipes, cables, or any other utility in the ground. Although traditional slot trenchers are dangerous to use because of the damage they cause to existing utilities. Air excavation offers a non-destructive and efficient solution to slot trenching where existing utilities are present. This allows us to locate underground utilities, and perform installations without worrying about any existing utilities already installed in the ground.

Traditional trenching methods can be time consuming and dangerous. The traditional methods are hard on the work force. Similarly, conventional slot trenching methods aren’t able to dig a small enough trench and all trenches dug require back filling. This method of trenching raises the costs of the job every step of the way. The use of Air Excavation slot trenching provides a method of getting the work done without these issues.  US Utility Potholing & Air Excavation uses air excavation and can slot trench or box trench with surgical accuracy.

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