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Florida's Soft Dig Specialists. Air Excavation Is The Answer!

Potholing & Point Excavation

Potholing, Point Excavation or Day lighting is the practice of exposing underground utilities for the purpose of positively identifying it’s vertical and horizontal location.  As well as determining the utilities location, once exposed the operator can then designate the type, material and diameter of utility as well as it’s condition.


For Potholing, Point Excavation or Day-lighting US Utility Potholing & Air Excavation uses compressed air and a vacuum on combined in one self-contained mobile unit. Using this method we call air excavation is the safest possible way to Pothole. This method of day-lighting is often called soft-dig.

Additional Benefits Of Potholing With Air
  • Digs faster than water in most soils
  • Collected spoils remain dry for fast, efficient backfilling
  • Eliminates mud disposal problems
  • Safer for utilities and operator
  • Air won’t damage road base
US Utility Potholing & Air Excavation | Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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