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Utility Potholing 

Utility Potholing is the practice of digging a test hole with the purpose of exposing an underground utility to give operators precise horizontal and vertical locations of that utility.   Potholing is defined in Common Ground Alliance “Best Practices”.

US Utility Potholing & Air Excavation does their potholing via air excavation.   Air-vacuum excavation is the best way to get to buried utilities for verification or repair.

Utility Potholing Test Hole via Air / Vacuum Excavation Methods

Our operator verifying a utility by means of Air / Vacuum Excavation.

Sub Surface Utility Engineering Data

Sub Surface Utility Engineering or (SUE) is a branch of engineering practice that involves managing certain risks associated with utility mapping at appropriate quality levels.  US Utility Potholing and Air Excavation collects and provides Quality Level A SUE report information to our clients. The SUE process combines civil engineering, surveying, and geophysics. It utilizes several technologies, including vacuum excavation and surface geophysics. Its use has become a routine requirement on highway projects in many states.


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