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Florida's Soft Dig Specialists. Air Excavation Is The Answer!
Air Excavation
Is The Answer!
How We Do It!
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We are Florida's
Vacuum Excavation Specialists.

We are Florida’s Soft Dig Specialists!

We perform vacuum excavation services through South Florida including Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

US Utility Potholing & Air Excavation is a vacuum excavation company that primarily uses air to dig with.  By using air to to the soft dig, our clients can rest assure that they are minimizing the risk of damage to any existing utilities and road base.

Typical Applications:

Virtually any excavation job that involves existing utilities:

Air Excavation is the Answer!

Air Excavation is  a non-destructive method for safely and efficiently locating and exposing existing underground utilities or preparing to install new ones. Once a hole is cut in the surface, pressurized air is used to break up the soil while a high pressure vacuum unit is then used to remove any impeding debris depositing it into the storage tank. This underground utility location method has become the industry standard for digging very precise utility potholes with virtually no risk of damaging any existing utilities. Vacuum excavation is a proven damage prevention service that US Utility Potholing & Air Excavation uses to insure the safest soft dig methods available to date.

Why Use US Utility Potholing & Air Excavation?

Vacuum excavation utilizes the kinetic energy of a high velocity air stream to penetrate, expand and break-up soil. Loose soil and rocks are then removed from the hole through the use of a very powerful vacuum. This technique is typically used to create a hole one to two feet square and as deep as required to expose the buried utility.

  • Minimize Construction Delays
  • Reduce Utility Relocation
  • Provide Sub-Surface Utility Data
  • Does not harm the road base
  • No risk to existing utilities


  • Clean and self-contained
  • Compact applications
  • Environmentally Safe
  • More productive than open pit/ back fill methods

US Utility Potholing & Air Excavation | Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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